March Missions

Give while you get away! Book a stay with us in the month of March and 50% of the money you pay towards lodging will go to help the people of Haiti. The organization we give through has no administration costs; all of their work is done through volunteers. Through this organization, a new school was recently constructed and an inner city orphanage was relocated to safer location near the new school. They are also currently working towards self sustaining food production for the community.

Here are some updates on these efforts in Haiti:


A Family Helped

A new widow with seven children was given food for immediate needs, a goat to breed, and funding with instruction on starting a small business from her home.



A Garden Plot

An opportunity arose to purchase a large garden plot near the orphanage. There were some fruit trees already growing on it and Pastor Fred planted vegetables this summer with much success.



An Agronomist

Fred brought in an agronomist to educate the people of the village in plant and animal farming. His goal is to make the village as ‘food independent’ as possible.



Goat Program

‘Goats 2 for 1 program’ – Twenty female and two male goats were purchased and given to 20 of the poorest families in the community. The goats were bred and the first two kids from each goat will be given back to Fred to be distributed to new families.



Lighting for the Village

Solar street lights were put up around the village. The only electricity available in the area are solar panels on the orphanage and a portable generator used for church service.



And More!

Food was distributed to two villages. This always includes sharing of the Gospel message.

The village church Fred leads has outgrown the building as many are coming to the Lord. Fred wants to work with the people who attend to see what they can do. What a wonderful ‘problem’ to have!

There are currently 70 students attending school. Fred anticipates that number will continue to grow. Along with their education, the children receive biblical instruction which is so important. The school also provides a daily meal as many of the children come to class hungry.

The children of the orphanage are doing well in their new community! They have other kids to play with and a new space to move and run!



Pastor Fred and his family…